Problems in Mainstream Science

The Natural Philosophy Alliance exists because thousands of professors, scientists, engineers and lay people have deeply studied mainstream physics and cosmology, and have found fundamental flaws.

Here are some of the problems as described by NPA members (this is a survey, not a consensus and represents majority opinions in today's NPA as compiled the NPA's communication officer and webmaster, David de Hilster):

The big bang theory is fundamentally flawed. Red-shift can be explained in many ways other than expansion. Also, the universe clearly reveals the complete life cycle of cosmic bodies which does not point to one beginning but to an eternal and evolving universe.

Relativity has flawed assumptions and when the proof for such is closely examined, it is not proof at all.  Hundreds of papers and explanations have been writen by NPA members and others detailing arguments against the most common claims and proof of relativity - both special and general.

Expansion tectonics (the earth is expanding / growing) is a much better model than modern-day plate tectonics.  The evidence for expansion is overwhelming, with the sea floor bed ages pointing the way to all continents fitting together on a smaller orb.

The properties of water go way beyond our current understanding (like a fourth state) and deserve special attention.

The universe is much more electrical than currently thought where gravity has dominated the explanation for the universe's structures in mainstream science.

Terminology is really a big problem in mainstream science. For example, energy is only a concept not a thing, space-time is an absurd concept, parallel universe is illogical (there is only one universe), and there are only three dimensions, not four or more.  These are some of the terminology that have been tackled by NPA members over the decades.

Infinity is very important to science. There are not ultimate particles or structures in the universe.  There are always smaller and bigger structures to discover.

Science in the mainstream is dominated by politics, not science. Criticism of Einstein, the big bang, and other mainstream theories is not allowed in the mainstream whereas in all other human endeavors including music, art, literature, business, politics and engineering, opposing ideas are necessary for coming up with the best solutions humans can muster. The NPA encourages diverse opinion, believing that better truths will emerge.

The NPA is where the Galileos, Aristotles, and Newtons are working today. As it always has been with scientific progress, mainstream becomes dogmatic and religious like, and outsiders who are unshackled from livelihood and politics move science forward for future generations. Mainstream science has too much invested to throw away basic concepts like the big bang and relativity to start anew.

Most all NPA scientists agree that science took a huge wrong-turn in the early part of the 20th century.  Many NPA members independently and collectively are starting physics and cosmology over from the time of Einstein in 1905 in order to put science back on track.

The mainstream believes the NPA members do not understand or study the mainstream and this could not be further from the truth.  The NPA exists because its members both cooperatively and independently have identified fundamental flaws in mainstream physics and cosmology, knowing it better than the mainstream by necessity in order to identify its major flaws so we can go about the task of putting science back on the path to truth.

The mainstream also believes the NPA members are not qualified to do science, this also cannot be further from the truth.  The NPA and World Science Database contain almost 20% PHDs, with many professional engineers, scientists, professors, and teachers. Those who are not professional in the field have often spent decades studying and working with a subject closely.

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